Who we are?

Frank Büchmann-Møller

Librarian and curator of the jazz archive at the University Library of Southern Denmark. Author of:

You Got To Be Original, Man. The Music Of Lester Young. (Greenwood Press 1990)

You Just Fight For Your Life. The Story Of Lester Young. (Praeger 1990)

Is This To Be My Souvenir? Jazz Photos From The Timme Rosenkrantz Collection. (Odense University Press 2000)

Someone To Watch Over Me. The Life And Music Of Ben Webster. (University of Michigan Press 2006)

Fra Cirklen til Sophus. Poul Jørgensens indsats i Odenses jazzliv 1961-1986. (Byhistorisk Udvalg, Odense, 2013).

With Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen:
Montmartre. Jazzhuset i St. Regnegade 19, Kbvhn K., 1959-1976. (Syddansk Universitetsforlag 2008)

With Kjeld Frandsen:

Svend Asmussen. 100 år for fuld musik. (Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2015)

Peter Ravn Lund

Collector of music and memorabilia of Lester Young since 1955.
More on: www.bryndumlund.dk
Mail. ravnlund@lund-co.dk